Drug And Alcohol Treatments

Just like alcoholism, drug dependence is a disease and as such, it can be treated using rehabilitation programs. However, there are stark differences in the nature of the problems that are experienced by drug dependents. In some cases, physical effects are more pronounced as some drug dependents develop mental illness. In addition to this most [...]

Drug Abuse Treatment Centers

Addiction to drugs ruins lives. It alters an individual's personality and attitude causing marriages to collapse and families to achieve great strain. It amounts to countless dollars in lost both time and productivity. And it also causes deaths and accidents. There is however, hope for those addicted to drugs. Treatment is feasible and they can [...]

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal occurs because our brain works very similar to a spring. Alcohol is a brain depressant that pushes down upon the spring. Once you suddenly stop drinking it is like having the weight off the spring. Your brain would be out of balance. The spring rebounds and the mind produces excess adrenaline that leads to [...]

Elements of Effective Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex, but treatable disease. Abusing drugs or alcohol alters the mental performance functions and the results are inclined to linger even after her death ceasing to apply the substance. It will always have a gripping effect on the addict leaving her or him within the terrible state, making only sustained treatment really [...]

Early Intervention in Addiction/ Alcoholism

Intervention is generally defined as a series of actions undertaken by the family members & others to end a person's drug & alcohol use. It is also defined as a specific event, during which family members & loved ones including friends, school counselors, drug treatment professionals negotiate with the addict with specific details about how [...]